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* Material: Plastic
* Color: Gold

Our Crystal Hair Remover & Skin Exfoliator gives you a relaxing exfoliating experience by easily removing all of the hair and dead skin. It eliminates unwanted body hair from your body softly while giving you smooth and lovely skin that you can be proud of. It’s gentle on the skin, there are no cuts or nicks. You will surely love it after using it.

1. Quick Hair Remover: It is a quick hair removal solution that also provides a smooth finish by preventing ingrown hairs without causing nicks and cuts.
2. Slower Hair Growth: Circular rubbing with its nano-crystal technology easily removes hair and dead skin cells. It effectively reduces hair growth after just a few uses by breaking down hair particles to slow hair growth.
3. Rejuvenates Your Skin: It brightens your complexion and makes your skin feel smooth to the touch. With this, you can remove unwanted body hair whenever you want.
4. Safe & Perfect Palm Fit: It fits snugly in the palm of your hand, giving you smooth and lovely skin that you can be proud of.
5. Gentle On The Skin: The use of this Crystal Epilator is very mild on the skin. It offers your skin a sensual feeling year-round and gently exfoliates built-up dead skin. Can be used on both the legs and arms without issue.

Directions: Works best if you wet the skin before use. Scrub your skin using circular motions until all of the hair has been removed.

We can not be responsible for any adverse reactions to this product or caused by its use. Please consult your physician or use your own best judgment before purchasing and using this product.

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Directions here say wet skin, the item says dry skin. Either way, it works really well and it very ergonomic. I wish there was one for the face and bikini area!