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Chakra Healing Oils

Chakra Healing Oils

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Size: 2oz glass bottle with sprayer or pump


At some point in our lives, we all experience a sense of imbalance, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Our bodies were designed to function in harmony, but stress, illness, and negative energy can disrupt our natural balance. This imbalance can manifest in various ways, including digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, and even chronic pain. One effective method for restoring balance is by healing your chakras. Our blends are perfect!!! Each essential oil was hand picked solely for its physical and spiritual benefits and for how they support each chakra. These oils are very high vibrational. They are exactly the tool you need to assist with healing your chakras. 

The Root Chakra is an excellent place to start! This oil helps to feel grounded, connected, and secure. When balanced, basic life essentials are met and overall health is strong.

The oil is infused with Red Garnet to help awaken the Kundalini or life force energy at the base of the spine. This energy helps to awaken the rest of the chakra system and can be channeled up the spine to awake the other six energy points.

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of C or 261.63 Hz. Super charged!


The Sacral Chakra is the life force within the body, responsible for creativity and sexual energy/healing. This oil can help balance fears of betrayal or judgement.

This oil is infused with Carnelian crystals to help accept the cycle of life and remove fear of death. 

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of D or 293.66 Hz. Super charged!


The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for not only digestion, but the inner critic and that "gut feeling" that is often ignored. Solar Plexus encourages self-respect and compassion for ourselves and each other.

This oil is infused with Citrine to help with manifestation, personal will, and new pursuits.

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of E or 329.63 Hz. Super charged!


The Heart Chakra connects the upper chakras and the lower chakras together. It is a place to feel pure, unconditional love for ourselves and others. This oil helps to open the heart to feel gratitude, joy, and compassion.

This oil is infused with Rose Quartz crystals that increase love vibrations. The crystals also harmonize and allow one to live within the heart.

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of F or 349.23 Hz. Super charged!


The Throat Chakra is responsible for honest communication and metabolism. This oil helps to open the throat to allow for clear communication. Your voice is important.

The oil is infused with Turquoise enhances communication & expression as it stimulates thought and allows one to speak and know the truth.

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of G or 392 Hz. Super charged!


The Third Eye Chakra represents intuition and flexibility. It may also be responsible for headaches and sinus issues. This oil helps to increase focus, determination, and seeing the truth in situations. 

The oil is infused with Lapis Lazuli crystals and stimulates healing. It promotes an extremely strong aid to meditation and can be used directly on the third eye to enhance clarity and focus.

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of A or 440 Hz. Super charged!


The Crown Chakra connects humans to something greater, to a spiritual realm and/or to the universe. This oil can lighten rigid beliefs and help to focus on creating unbreakable inner guidance. 

The oil is infused with Amethyst  to stimulate the immune system and circulatory systems. It is used as a master healer and is like a beacon of light. 

Lastly, this oil receives sound frequency in the note of B or 493.88 Hz. Super charged!

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