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    Jennifer Kelman

  • My name is Jennifer Kelman and I am the creator of GlassWing Organics. Some years ago I adopted a vegan diet, then later a vegan lifestyle. The more I learned about food, herbs and the human body the more natural I wanted my lifestyle to be.  After I gave birth to my daughter,  I made a promise to myself to maintain a vegan diet and to only use 100% natural organic products for her and my family. After searching stores and online for the things I needed I found it was safer and easier for me to make everything myself. I started out making her baby formula and food, then later her juices and herbal drinks. Soon after I started experimenting with making body butters, body wash and hair products and that’s how GlassWing Organics was born.

    I sell all the things I am passionate about making.

    All of my products are inspired by the ancient traditions of African & Jamaican culture. My recipes are created by me and lovingly made with my own hands.  I slice, squeeze and mix up fresh batches everyday. I take pride in my products and like knowing the exact conditions under which they are produced, and outfitted, and which materials are used. This way, I can ensure that everything is of the highest quality and has been ethically sourced from beginning to end. I only buy 100% organic and natural ingredients and I only use companies that do not commission tests on animals.

    I truly hope you enjoy our products and that your entire being is nourished by them.