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Size: a small brown envelope approx 2-3oz. *only (1) large bay leaf included in each pack

A simmer pot is various ingredients placed into a pot with water that is set to simmer. As the steam dissipates into the air, it also carries with it the energy of the items within the pot. Water alone promotes life, and when the energy of the water is accompanied by fruits, herbs, flowers, or other ingredients, the energy blends together and fills a space with a more positive and uplifting vibration.

The full moon is a time of transformation and intensity, so when you simmer your pot during a full moon you will fill your home or space with powerful energetic vibrations capable of shifting intentions into reality via manifestation.

I created this simmer pot packet as an excellent addition to your full moon ritual. It’s packed with (11) of the very best and high energy vibrating herbs, flowers and fruits.

So what’s in it…

1. Oranges for happiness, love and confidence.

2. Cloves for abundance, friendship, purification, clarity and protection.. I use cloves in almost EVERY simmer, I love it!!

3. Ginger for grounding, growth, and stability.

4. Ancient sea salt to cleanse and banish negativity.

5. Rosemary cuz it’s the shit! It has been used since medieval times and is great for damn near everything… from cleansing and purifying to protection, clarity, healing and courage. It is a very powerful herb and I use it in all my simmers as well.

6. Eucalyptus to purify and banish evil.

7. Cinnamon for…well everything, because it’s amazing. From love to protection to happiness. It also smells amazing in a simmer.

8. Apples for love, luck, and prosperity.

9. Star Anise for increasing psychic connection, divine healing and protection, as well as increased luck and success in your endeavors.

10. Lavender is also the shit because it brings about happiness, love, protection, peace and purification. It has also been known to lift depression and sadness from the spirit and brings the vibration of comfort and companionship. Indecisiveness and conflict are also washed away. I absolutely love lavender!!!

11. Bay leaves are a MUST because they are great for cleansing your space, alleviating stress, anxiety, and unpleasant energy, as well as heightening your intuitive powers. *They can also be used to write the specific things you want to manifest. I chose large bay leaves for this packet because I always write on the bay leaves. If you choose to write on yours think of the specific intention you want for each thing you write while you’re writing them. Also, allow yourself to feel the feelings of having the things you’re writing as well.


-Place your pot of water on the stove on low heat. (You can use charged water if you like)

-Add the mix from the pouch, stirring clockwise while reflecting on what this moon represents and setting your intentions for this lunar cycle.

-Allow the contents to simmer and fill your space with the magical aromas of these carefully selected ingredients.

-The Simmer will last several hours while maintaining water levels, and it can be allowed to cool and re-simmered providing the ingredients are not overly degraded.

-You may choose to return the ingredients to the earth through ritual or dry and place them into your other lunar workings, altar decor etc.


This product is NOT intended for consumption.

Do not use these products if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

Do not leave simmer pot unattended.

Do not allow contents to simmer with low or heavily thickened water levels, and be sure to add additional water as needed to keep ingredients freely flowing.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this whole ritual, boiling this Full Moon simmer pot pack fills my home with positive, uplifting, peaceful vibes. Smells so good. Excited to use this again for the next Full Moon. Vibe High! 528hz