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Natural Birth Control

Natural Birth Control

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Size: 1oz brown dropper bottle

black ziplock bag 60ct capsules


This birth control can be used by both men and women.
Both forms were created using organic neem. 

Capsules- kills sperm that reaches the cervix.
Women take at least 1000mg daily during your fertile time for  (6-7 days) to be effective. 

Men can take 1000mg daily for birth control as well. It takes about 6 weeks for men to become infertile.. when you stop taking the capsules it takes another 6 weeks for fertility to return.

Oil- this is a spermicide. It can be used before and up to 3 days after sex to be effective. It must be inserted into the vagina. 

Directions for oil insertion

1. Saturate your fingers in the oil. Insert them into your vagina until you feel your cervix then apply the oil to the top of your cervix. Do this multiple times if necessary.
2. Saturate a cotton ball/tampon in the oil. Insert the cotton ball into your vagina until it reaches your cervix then leave it for 1-3 hours.
3. Insert the dropper we provide into your vagina as far as you can then empty the oil inside. Make sure it reaches your cervix with the top of your fingers.
4. Do not rinse out! Your body will take care of the oil for you, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

How much should I use?
Each application only requires less than 1/2 of a dropper full of Neem oil. A little goes a long way so do what feels most comfortable for you.

Will my fertility be affected after I stop the use of this?
No, not at all. After the neem oil has left your system you will be fertile and your womb will be healthy and happy.

Can I mix your product with other oils?
Yes, it is safe to mix. Our product is 100% neem oil which can be added to other carrier oils. Be sure not to dilute the oil too much or you could change its effectiveness. 

Active Ingredients: 100% Organic Neem Oil


Disclaimer: None of the topics discussed have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Ask your healthcare provider for medical advice, we are not licensed practitioners. They should not replace personal judgment or medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always talk to your physician about the use of my products.

We can not be responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to this product. If concerned about allergies, test on a small patch of your skin

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