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Size: Each Stick is approximately 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. Please keep in mind, these are handmade so measurements may vary.

The Rose and Sage Smudging Stick is all about LOVE. This creation uses whole rose petals to bring in love, light, clarity, growth, purpose and a balance to your mind, body and spirit.

The use of sage is for healing. The smoke is used to bless, cleanse and heal the person object or space being smudged. Sage is used to ‘wash off’ the outside world when one enters ceremony or other sacred spaces. Objects are likewise washed off with sage medicine smoke to rid them of unwanted influences.

Each smudge stick will carry it’s own unique energy and blessings. When burnt and smothered these herbs will create a cleansing smoke bath that purifies and ushers in manifestations.

Light the bundle by holding a flame to it until it begins to smoke. If a true flame appears, gently blow until it is just embers and smoke. I often find that I have to re-light my sage bundle a few times during the ritual process.
Once you have a nice smoke going, use your hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body from your feet up to your head, then back down again. Wave the smoke throughout your space or over and around the objects you intend to cleanse. As you do this, visualize the smoke taking away with it any negative energy attached. You may recite incantations or your intentions at this time if you like.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics and products sold and presented at GlassWing Organics have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not replace personal judgment or medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always talk to your physician about the use of my products.

We can not be responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to this product.

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This smells and looks elegant. Immediately cleaned my space out, Energy, Cleansing. I definitely look forward to this ritual again. I love some Sage.